Janux Fully Enclosed "Radial Lock 360" Motor Mount kit


The new Radial Lock 360 Motor Mount is the best belt drive system for anyone, whether you are first-time builder or advanced pro or anyone in between.


With your feedbacks, I have taken steps to re-design and develop this mount from the ground up for the past 18 months, from mount thickness to dynamically adjustable idlers, unique positive locking adapters, fully enclosed drive, to over 100+ possible pulley ratios. Every new and improved feature are well thought out and tested. I have built and tested several prototypes and is now ready for production.


The new Janux Radial Lock 360 Motor Mount features:

  • 10mm thick T6 aluminum plates
  • Unique positive “Radial Lock 360” adapters lock motor plate in position
  • Dynamically adjustable idlers, no more interference with larger wheels
  • Mount is radially adjustable, 8 degree rotational on each radial click, 45 total radial positions 
  • Mount can be mounted forward, reverse, and anything in between mounting positions
  • Fully enclosed motor mount, no more pre-mature belt breakage due to damages from lodged rocks or debris
  • Multi-functional 10mm xbars that serve as motor protection, mount alignment, motor plate anti-flexing.
  • Belt tensioning is achieved thru dynamically adjustable dual idlers.
  • Cool running motors with incorporated heat dissipated air channels on motor plates.
  • Possible motor pulleys 10-30t
  • Possible wheel pulleys 34-44t
  • Currently available to fit SurfRodz RKP and TKP, TB 218mm, and Caliber (please specify adapter in NOTE on check out)



Motor Pulleys
Wheel Pulleys
  • Available Options:

    • Motor pulleys: 18t, 20t
    • Anodized Picatinny Black or Fiery Red
    • POM (Acetal Delrin) housing
    • Lexan (Polycarbonate) housing
  • Kit contains:


    • “Radial Lock 360” truck adapters x2 (specify SurfRodz RKP and TKP, TB 218mm, and Caliber)
    • Universal “Radial Lock 360” motor plates x2
    • Dynamically adjustable idler assemblies x4 (bearings included)
    • Wheel pulleys x2, choice of 34 to 44t (one tooth increment)
    • Motor pulleys x2, choice of 14, 15, or 16t (optional 18 or 20t)
    • Appropriate sized belts x2
    • Wheel adapters for abec or kegel pattern.
    • Xbars
    • Fully enclosed housing
    • Mounting hardware


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