Janux Quattro 4.25" Hubs for TBDD, eLofty, or CarvonXL


Janux Quattro Hub 4.25" diameter are precision CNC machined from solid puck of T6 6061 aluminium alloy. This hub-centric wheels are designed for strength to take on any rugged terrain, both on and off road. Hubs come pre-bored to fit standard skateboard 608z bearings, 7x8x22mm, other sizes available.

Janux hubs are manufactured in San Diego, CA USA. They are compatible with all 8" tires with 95mm inner diameter. Hubs feature integrated M6 threads for single tool installation.


Available in:

  • 28mm diameter bearing seats
  • TBDD with Kegel type adapters
  • eLofty Direct Drive
  • CarvonXL Direct Drive
  • Janux Gear Drive
  • Janux HTD5m system


Compatible with:

  • Trampa 125mm Gummies and 6.5” Urban Threads tires, 8” MBS tires
  • Standard size 608z bearings for 8 or 10mm axles
  • 8" Tires with 95mm inner diameter
Specify adapter:


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