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Janux Plug n Play Mamba Gear Powertrain

Janux Plug n Play Mamba Gear Powertrain


-  Janux Mamba Gear Powertrain is a complete powertrain that is ready to install on your board in minutes. Designed and precision CNC machined to close tolerances in San Diego, CA USA using American made T6 aluminum and Acetal Delrin stocks.


-  Available in 3 ratios:  18/44, 18/45, and 18/46.


-  Mamba Gear Powertrain can be converted from all-terrain to street setup with optional ABEC or Kegel adapters and wheel spur gears. No modification is required, simple swap from AT to street setup.


-  Inquire for street wheel conversion.


Benefits of spur gear:

  • Spur gears are suitable for driving systems because they have more power transmission efficiency.
  • A spur gear is built with teeth made straight and parallel to the axis of the gear. Eliminating any issue of axial thrust allowing such as helical gear system.
  • Spur gears are more efficient compared to helical gears with the same size.
  • They are quite reliable and offer constant velocity.
  • Spur gears are also considered a member of positive transmission because they don’t have any slippage such as belt drive system.