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Janux Flux Drive 6374 190kv

Janux Flux Drive 6374 190kv


- 6374 190kv motor is equipped with Sensored PCB 120 Deg.  Hall Sensors cover in resin, 30cm JST-PH 6pin 2mm pitch plug and play for VESC

- 6374-190Kv, 80A Max 3200 W

- Can diameter 63mm x can length 74mm

- Works Sensored, Sensorless, Hybrid, BLDC, FOC

- Magnet retaining ring to prevent magnet from coming loose


  • Motor Specification

    • 6374 190kv 3200W Semi-Sealed (True 74mm Length)
    • 12AWG High Strand Count Tinned Copper Flexible Silicone Phase Leads
    • 5.5mm Gold Plated Bullet Connectors
    • FocBox, VESC 4 Hall Sensor Connector (NO ADAPTER NEEDED)
    • 8mm Bore,  3mm Keyway, 2x Circlip Positions
    • N42SH Curved Magnets
    • Japan NSK Ball Bearings
    • 6S-12S compatible
    • 30mm & 44mm Mounting Holes
    • 5.5mm Gold Plated female connectors included
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