Janux Dual Motor mount with stabilizing crossbars, Raw Finish

Janux Dual Motor mount with stabilizing crossbars, Raw Finish


- Raw T6061 aluminum universal motor arms, fit any 50xx and 63xx motors

- Universal motor arm can be setup with any wheel sizes from 80mm to 6”x2” pneumatic wheels

- Motor arms is axially adjustable at fixed 0º, ±12º, and ±24º, no more slippage of motor arm.

- Belt tensioning is achieved by adjusting the motor +/-10mm laterally.

- Mount can be mounted forward under the deck for stealth or reverse for a hot rod look.

- Acetal Delrin idlers reduce the need of over-tensioning belts that cause premature breakage. Use of slack side Idlers prevent “tooth skipping” and improve breaking.

- Dual solid10mm stabilizing crossbars eliminate flexing and twisting of motor arms

  • Dual Motor Mount includes:

    -      2 C-clamp adapters (Specify Caliber or TB218mm)

    -      2 universal motor arms

    -      2 stabilizing crossbars

    -      2 POM idler assemblies

    -      Mounting hardware

    -      Optional idler assemblies available $25 a pair.

    -      Optional pulley cover available $20 each


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