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Evolve GT Drive Dual Mounts V2

Evolve GT Drive Dual Mounts V2


Drive motor mounts for Evolve GT truck. Mounts are CNC machined in-house (San Diego, CA. USA) using aluminum T6061.


The new fixed no-slip motor mount is the best motor mount replacement for anyone looking to upgrade their Evolve GT belt drive eboard.

With your feedbacks, I have taken steps to re-design and develop this mount from the ground up.  From mount thickness, dynamically adjustable idlers, machined in air channel to 4-fixed position no-slip motor plates. Every new and improved features are well thought out and tested.

  • Features:

    • 4 fixed no-slip mounting positions - 0, 9, 18, and 27 degree
    • 10mm thick T6 aluminum motor mount
    • Dynamically adjustable idlers 
    • Xbars
    • Mounting hardware
    • Optional Acetal Delrin (POM) pulley cover, need 2 for dual motors
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