“Brutus” 15/52t – Fully assembled dual 6374 190kv motors TorqueBoard 218mm drive train, 15/52t pulleys, 15mm wide belts running 6”x2” AT pneumatic wheels with a top speed of ~30mph.

Meticulously assembled and ready to install on your deck. New “Janux Dual Motor mount” is machined in-house, San Diego, CA from T6061 aluminum alloy. Mount is custom fitted to TorqueBoard 218mm truck with solid 10mm stabilizing cross bars, no flexing, no twisting, no movement, no slipping, no slop, no shims, no nonsense, solid as a rock!


POM idlers reduce the need of over-tensioning belts that cause premature breakage. Use of slack side Idlers prevent “tooth skipping” and improve breaking. These are custom made in-house in San Diego, CA. from solid round of Acetal Delrin.


Motor arms can be adjusted axially at fixed 0º, ±12º, and ±24º, no more slippage of motor arm. Belt tension can also be adjusted +/-10mm laterally. Mount is setup as reverse for a hot rod look!!!

The idler dual motor mount is sported with twin “Janux Flux Drive” 6374s 190kv. The high performance Semi-Sealed high motors are rated at 3200W each, perfectly compliment to your 6S-12S battery pack. Connections are done with 5.5mm gold plated bullet connectors and VESC 4 Hall Sensor connector, no adapter needed to your FocBoxes.


““Brutus” complete drive train comes with the all-terrain 6”x2” pneumatic tires, couples with 15/52t pulleys and 15mm wide belts…a hill climbing monster with a top speed of ~30mph.

Save yourself headache, time, and money with this fully assemble, complete drive train – no more hunting down components for your built, no more paying multiple shipping costs, no more waiting weeks on parts to show up at your door and find out they don’t fit. Best of all, you get top quality components at unbeatable price arriving at your door within days, ready to install on your electrified deck, hit the pavement within minutes not months.

  • Features

    -      Fully assemble top quality drive train, ready to install on your deck

    -      Dual anodized T6061 aluminum alloy Universal Janux motor mount

    -      High Performance Dual 6374s 190KV 6400W total “Janux Flux Drive”

    -      10mm solid T6061 anti-flexing, stabilizing cross bars that also serve as motor protection

    -      Heavy duty idlers:  integrated 688ZZ ball bearing housed in 0.750” POM with 8mm shoulder bolts

    -      POM hubs with AT 6”x2” pneumatic tires (set of 4)

    -      2 x 15mm 15t motor pulleys

    -      2 x 16mm 52t wheel pulleys

    -      8 x high speed Abec bearings

    -      4 x bearing spacers

    -      Set of TorqueBoard 218mm (front and rear)


    Available options:

    -      Motor pulley:  14, 15, or 16t

    -      Wheel pulley:  42 to 72t (prices vary)

  • International shipping

    Please note:  International shipping cost for this item ranges from $75-$95.  Please email me for shipping cost before ordering.


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